Our working languages are English, German and Russian. 

Our services include:

Translation of documents from various areas of legal practice:

Translation of legal documentation requires a high degree of expertise, both in languages and in law.

We will deliver a fully finished product which has been thoroughly proofread by our lawyer and requires no further editing. We will make sure that our translation retains the terminology, style and format of the original document to the greatest extent possible. You will not have to spend your time improving or checking the results of our work.

Legal proofreading of translations performed by outside translators

At your request, URKUNDE's professional lawyer will proofread (i.e. check for correctness and consistency with the original) translations done by another translation agency or by the client's own translators. Legal proofreading will ensure that the translation is adequate from a legal point of view and can be used without being checked by the client's lawyers.

If necessary, we can provide notarization and apostille services for translations.

URKUNDE's specialists will keep in close touch with you.

We are delighted to work for you whenever you need us – around the clock, on regular workdays, holidays, and even on weekends.

We always respond instantly to your requests by phone, e-mail and Skype.